Previously On…Television (Oct. 2 – Oct. 15. 2012)

Some shows get axed, some are added to my watch list and the ones that have been lucky enough to last get reviewed.

So here’s a breakdown of the hits, misses and the “on probation” thus far. Some will shock you (cause it shocked me) while others were to be expected. Under the new shows of the fall:

     Made in Jersey and Vegas got axed.

To be honest, I’m not surprised. I was hesitant when I saw the previews and after the first episode I dropped them off my”to watch” list. These two shows were either boring, already done so many times or just. not. gripping. enough.

The shows on probation are Elementary, Last Resort, The Mob Doctor and Beauty and the Beast.

I honestly have no clue why I’m watching these shows. Elementary is a sad imitation of the wonderful Sherlock from BBC and yet I’m still watching it. I’ll give it another episode but I have a feeling that the reason I’m still watching is because I need to fill the “Sherlock” void until the newest season of Sherlock starts.

The Mob Doctor gives a twist to the hospital genre but it feels…flat? expected? I don’t know but the Mob aspect of the show is more interesting than the actual medical part of it…maybe change it to The Mob?

My boss got me hooked on Last Resort. I’m still not completely dedicated to the show but I’m hooked enough to tune into this week’s episode.

I saw Beauty and the Beast last week and I’ll be tuning in for another week. The filming of this show is amazing. There’s a fight scene in the subway between Catherine (Kristen Kreuk) and a few baddies which was one of the best fight scene’s I’ve seen because it looks realistic. I’m not sure about the Beast character and the overall premise (cop procedural with a “twist” *sighs*) but I’m intrigued enough to watch another episode.

I’ve added to my watch list: Revolution, Arrow and the Mindy Project.

I saw a pre-screening of the first episode of Revolution at FanExpo this past August and fell in love immediately. It’s a great show and every episode furthers the plot with a cliff hanger-like ending.

I love Arrow. I also saw the first episode at FanExpo and it’s wonderful.  As a comic book fan, I did nit pick some of the details (like why it’s he GREEN Arrow) but overall, it’s a really well written show and the cast is wonderful. Stephen Amell is a wonderful Green Arrow (I love you too Justin Hartley!).

The Mindy Project. I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. I don’t really dedicate myself to comedy shows for the same reason I don’t for reality shows (well…not exactly the same reasons). I’m into story and the primary goal of comedy shows is to get laughs and not to further the plot or focus on character development like dramas. The Mindy Project is so funny that it’s the only comedy show that I’ve gone out of my way to watch. So watch it. Now.

Now onto the returning shows. Staying on my to watch list are Alphas, Grimm, Haven, Once Upon a Time, Warehouse 13, Young Justice, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Switched at BirthScandalPerson of Interest and Hawaii Five-0.

Most of these shows have had a strong season thus far. Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0 and Scandal are having a slow start for me but not too slow to warrant a probation. This past Sunday was the premiere of The Walking Dead which was AWESOME (bad ass Carl!). Very excited for this season for sure.

The show on probation is The Good Wife.

I have no clue what’s going on with Kalinda and her supposedly dangerous hubby but the entire show is starting to fizzle for me. I was watching Young Justice while it was on and it had a better episode than it did.

The shows that have been axed are NCISNCIS: Los Angeles and Vampire Diaries.

NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles getting axed was a surprise for me. For NCIS: Los Angeles, I find that the constant focus of terrorism got me turned off of it because it was the same thing over and over again. NCIS was great but I think that it needs to finally end after so many years on air. It feels tired and the last season would have been a great way to end it all.

I turned off Vampire Diaries after 10 mins into the season 4 premiere. It’s turned into a soap opera and Elena annoys the crap out of me along with the people who constantly allow themselves to get screwed over again and again for her. Bonnie doesn’t seem like a character but a convenient tool to be used in a plot jam. The decisions made in terms of plot makes no sense from last season (Michael got killed off pretty quick). I just really lost interest in this show and miss the reasons that made season one so amazing.

So there you have it. This week’s premieres include the series premiere of Emily Owens, M.D. and the season 3 premiere of Nikita. What’s been axed, placed on probation or added to your watch list?

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