Previously On…Television (10/1/2012)

I love watching television.

For me, it’s visual storytelling and I can’t help but get glued to it every week. So I thought I’d do a segment where I discuss and critique each episode of my favourite shows weekly just as I do with books. There’s a lot of new and returning shows this fall. Here’s a list of shows who’ve had their season/series premieres so far that I’ve been watching:



Last Resort

Made in Jersey*


The Mindy Project

The Mob Doctor*



Alphas (Season 2)

Grimm (Season 2)

Haven (Season 3)

Hawaii Five-0 (Season 3)

NCIS (Season 10)

NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 4)

Once Upon a Time (Season 2)

Person of Interest (Season 2)

Revenge (Season 2)

Scandal (Season 2)

Switched at Birth (A really long Season 1)

The Good Wife (Season 4)

Warehouse 13 (Season 4)

Young Justice (Season 3)

That’s a lot of shows and there are much more set to premiere in the coming weeks. The ones starred are the ones that (after seeing the first episode) I’m not sure if they’ll be sticking around which often happens.

On Tonight: Switched at Birth, Warehouse 13, Hawaii Five-0, Revolution, The Mob Doctor and Alphas. I’m really psyched for Warehouse 13 especially after the way the last episode (S4E09) ended  as well as Revolution.

A. A. Omer

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