Hey guys,

So in my creative writing seminar, we have workshops where a maximum of three people sign up for a particular day to have their stories discussed/critiqued during the seminar period. So we have to choose one day during the fall term and one in the winter. You can bring either a fictional short story, non-fiction piece or poem(s).

My fall workshop day is October 16th but since no one signed up for the first workshop day (yesterday’s) I decided to volunteer the piece I’m currently working on (sent it this past Friday to allow for a couple of days for my classmates/Prof to read it).

If you’ve been following my tweets (either through this blog or via twitter), you’ve noticed that I’ve been having a panic attack from the moment I sent it until seconds before the critiques/discussion began.

It wasn’t that bad. I honestly thought they’d rip into me (especially my Prof who’s SO into literary fiction and would be turned off by the fantastical aspect of the story despite having a literary fiction undertone) but they didn’t. They gave me the critiques I was looking for and help me see the things that I couldn’t because I was too close to it. Now my piece will be SO much better than it is.

I’ll make sure that the next “Pens, Paper, Stories, OH MY!” segment will discuss Critiquing Etiquette because it’s important to do it constructively as well as doing it in a way that creates a safe space for the writer. Having one’s creative writing piece critiqued is hard because it’s very much a part of you and feels like people are attacking YOU.

They’re not…most of the time.

A. A. Omer

P. S.

Some of you expressed interest in the piece I wrote. I can’t… right now. I actually wanted to submit it for publication (or for the multiple contests floating around) which means it can’t be put online. Once published (hopefully), I’ll post it then.

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