Pens, Papers, Stories, OH MY #2


I should be asleep right so I can get up early to do a blood test but I need to get this out to you guys stat (I just finished The Mob Doctor…so sue me). My last post discussed questions to ask your story (fiction) and now I’ll be discussing what Creative Non-Fiction is.

I didn’t know a thing about Creative Non-Fiction until my Creative Writing class this year (Yay for knowledge!). So here’s a bit about it and examples of it:

The best definition I found on Creative Fiction is found on

A branch of writing that employs the literary techniques usually associated with fiction or poetry to report on actual persons, places, or events.

This could include Criticisms (i.e. movie reviews, art critique, travel writing etc), Memoir, or Subject Study (studying a real person). The point is that no matter which of these you choose to do, there is a critique of a larger social issue.

It’s great because you could start off discussing a movie you saw (The Help) and then head somewhere completely different but related (racism and colonialism) and then quite possibly discuss something personal about yourself (being discriminated because of your race) and then back to the movie review.

The connections won’t be as obvious as my examples and you don’t really see the connections until the end of the piece. Also, the changing of topics within the piece may not necessarily happen in that order. It’s just a more creative way to deal with non-fiction pieces like essays and articles.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this right since I’m just learning about it too. When I get more information, I’ll pass it along. If anyone knows more about this particular subject, you can always post in the comments section for me and others to see and learn more from.

Also, a perfect website that showcases Creative Non-Fiction is N+1 Magazine. More examples include (again, taken from travel writingnature writingscience writingbiographyautobiographymemoir, the interview, and both the familiar and personal essay.

That’s all for now,

A. A. Omer


I missed Word on the Street this year and I’m really sad. 😦 But I had training for a volunteer job which was really informative 🙂

But I’m still sad 😦

I’ll go now…

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