Excitement is overwhelming me and so are my textbooks…

Hey Guys,

I’m still riding last night’s book high* after attending the Bookstravaganza at the Ritz Carlton but I’ll get into that and TIFF part 2 in another post later tonight (hopefully).

In the meantime, I thought I’d let you know that I won’t be posting reviews for books this week since I’m WAY behind in my readings already (You can thank Holly Black’s White Cat for that…did that rhyme?). I literally have a stack of library books to be read and more await to be picked up (as well as the free books I got last night. DAMN YOU AWESOME BOOKS. DAMN YOU).

So, seriously, I need to get caught up in school before getting back to reviewing (I banned myself from requesting galleys until all of this gets sorted out).

I WILL still post updates on my book (urgh) and writing tips/knowledge that I’ll be getting from my creative writing class (a segment I like to call “Pens, Papers, Stories, OH MY”. I know. VERY inventive.)

There you go. You’ve been updated.

A. A. Omer

*Book High: defined as the ecstatic feeling one associates with taking drugs but has been induced by reading books, talking about books and anything in relation to books.

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