Bookstravaganza and TIFF Part 2

As promised, a post on the event that I went to last night as well as the last movie I saw at TIFF this past Saturday (despite the enormous headache I have).

  • TIFF

So I went to see Byzantium with my mother and brothers at the Bloor Cinema this past Saturday (Sept. 15). It was the last movie I saw and it was a really cool, fresh take on the traditional vampire lore. The fact that it starred Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan was an added bonus along with director Neil Jordan who also directed Anne Rice’s An Interview with a Vampire. It was a great end to the festival for me.

  • Bookstravaganza

So I went to a book event last night hosted by Random House of Canada and Chatelaine Magazine called Bookstravaganza. It was held at the Ritz Carlton hotel downtown and it showcased the latest fall books offered through Random House of Canada. It was a night for avid readers of all types (tickets were $25 plus tax) and there was amazing treats/appetizers (CHOCOLATE).I got to ARCs (Advance Readers Copies), had two books signed by the authors, and two additional books along with a swag bag full of beauty (and more chocolate) from Chatelaine Magazine. It was a fun night and the first of it’s kind. I’m definitely going next year…

(Presentation of the new fall line up from Random House of Canada)

(Shauna Singh Baldwin and Annabel Lyon signing their new books: The Selector of Souls and The Sweet Girl)

(Author, Annabel Lyon, signs my copy of her book with a little personal note)

(Awesome book haul. ARCs of Linda Spalding’s The Purchase and Carol Shaben’s Into the Abyss.)

(The swag in the swag bag!!)

(Truffles in the swag bag. The most delicious truffles that had this chocoholic weeping)

Now I’m going to take some Advil and head to bed for my early start tomorrow.


A. A. Omer

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