Short Stories, Torchwood and The Forsaken

Today was filled with an upside, a ‘meh’ side and a downside.

UPSIDE: My short story is getting great reviews from my writing friends along with some critiques here and there that were expected. Still waiting on feedback from two more and then it’s off to (hopefully) the final round of edits. In the meantime, I’m going back to another old short story that I’ll be tidying up as well and will be sending that for a round of peer editing as well.

‘MEH’ SIDE: I decided I’d watch as many episodes of Torchwood tonight since I’ve heard so many great reviews from quite a few people. I got to episode 3 and wasn’t really feeling the show. Honestly, John Barrowman was the reason I lasted so long. Oh well. Off to Doctor Who…

DOWNSIDE: I haven’t read in three days. The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse is just sitting in my bag. I’ve read through the prologue and stopped at Chapter 1. It’s not a bad book  (it’s not exactly enticing either) but I just can’t bring myself to read right now. Stupid school…already messing with my head.

That’s basically all I have to contribute today. I’m off to bed and I promise to post some writing related tip tomorrow…

…and Fan Expo pictures which I have yet to do.

A. A. Omer


In my comics tutorial this morning, I’ve discovered that (along with two others) I’m a comics expert and, trust me, that’s not saying a lot given that I just got into comics two years ago (the last comic some of my classmates have read was Archie and Jughead when they were kids…)

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