Novel Update and My Comics & Cartoons Class

Good day (or night) my peeps,

Today was my first lecture and it was for my Comics and Cartoons class. The professor is awesome and I’m really excited for what we’ll be studying. I mean, COME ON! I get to read comics and watch cartoons for crying out loud. The down side today was that I had to pay $112 for only TWO books and still have fifteen to go (12 of them I’ve ordered from Amazon so that it would be cheaper. Cheaper = $208. The other three will cost roughly $125. Stupid school).

Let’s put school away for a moment and discuss my “novel”. I placed the parenthesis around the word because it’s still an idea rather than actual pages and chapters. I’m in the planning/plotting/research stage and find myself doing too much research. Basically, I’m coming down with the same symptoms I always get when faced with completing (or most often trying then putting it away with the other I‘ll-get-to-you-laters). The symptoms include:

  • anxious of the  factual accuracy for any given subject (Is it accurate to say that her hair is red AND she has green eyes? DOES THIS COMBINATION EXIST????)
  • anxious of the flow of the story (i.e. Does the timeline and story make sense? Do I need to plot????)
  • anxious of not being able to actual write the story because I’m too busy plotting (i.e. I have to start writing before I lose the fire in my belly!)
  • anxious of starting the story when I don’t know what’ll happen after chapter 5 (when I’m only on chapter 3)
  • anxious of what people will think of it when I barely started the story
  • anxious of being anxious all the time
  • a newly developed headache due to the anxiety and the story is left for when the headache is gone

The sad part is that I can see what this story can become (I can picture parts of it clearly in my mind) but I’m always held back by my anxieties and fears.


This sucks.

I’m going to try some free writing with the story tonight and deal with the details later.

A. A. Omer

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