Writing Tip: Write Down Your Common Writing Mistakes

Hey guys,

This latest writing tip was something I’ve learned in my creative writing seminar last year. It helped my writing A LOT and I thought I’d pass on the knowledge. Classes start tomorrow for me so I’ll pass along any interesting things I learned in class to other writers out there.

Write Down Your Common Writing Mistakes

What does that mean? Well, as writers, we make mistakes in our writing whether it’s grammatical errors, use of repetitive words/phrases, switching point of view and etc. We repeat these mistakes until it’s pointed out to us by someone else (hopefully) but we continue making them because we’re either too engrossed in the work to pay attention, we forgot what we were doing wrong or some other reason. My creative writing professor (who happens to be my prof again this year) suggested writing down these mistakes and placing them beside you as you write. This was my list:


This improved my writing greatly. Getting rid of the clichés alone has increased the quality and I’m really happy with the writer I’ve become in the last year.

I suggest that all writers (amateur, seasoned, professional…doesn’t matter) should do this and continue to do this. Just like in our speech, favourite words or phrases tend to be overused and then replaced with a new favourite word or phrase. So this a great reminder for you throughout your writing career.

That’s it for today on writing tips. Hoped this helped!

A. A. Omer

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