I’m still around!!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the radio silence. 😦

Last weekend was Fan Expo Canada in my hood, Toronto, so I was BUSY BUSY BUSY. It was four days of non-stop fun and it give me the “fun hangover” (I don’t drink. I already get drunk from life…).  I’ll post some pics in some other post. This post will be about the transition from Summer (YAY!) to the Fall (Yay?…).

I have mixed feelings regarding Fall even though it’s my favourite season. The pros of this awesome season are:

  • The weather! Not too cold and not too hot. A sweater should be just enough.
  • The feeling it brings. I don’t know about you but whenever fall comes around, I feel like it’s the start of something. Could be because I associate it with the start of the new school year.
  • School. This year will be my third in post-secondary and it’s filled with courses that I want to take finally! (Criminology and English courses! Huzzah).
  • New books. How great is this? Although, new books come every season but whatever.
  • Events. I have a few book related evens lined up including the Word on the Street on September 23 and Bookstravaganza on September 18 which are both in Toronto.


  • School. I like learning and all but there are days that you just want to shut your brain off. Plus, school will take a lot of my time which means I can’t promise a post every single day.
  • New books. I have school books to read (thank you English classes) which means I’ll either be behind in school work thanks to temptation or behind in the latest reads.

So there you have it. Fall = less time here potentially.

Another thing I need to mention in regards to the Summer/Fall transition is my reading list. I’ll remove the titles I’ve listed during the summer break and will start the fall edition today (and I have A LOT of books sitting on my shelf for the past week and a half).


I know, I know. I’ll post (sometime this long weekend) a paragraph long review for each of the books I haven’t already reviewed.

Also, I might have to continue using this kind of review style with my future reviews for now on due to school commitments. There will be full length reviews depending if they’re:

  • galleys or advance copies
  • based something that needs to be addressed (ie. Beautiful Disaster/Fifty Shades of Grey)

Sometimes I do the full length review because I have the time. I’ll also create a list of my most favourite reads this past summer (probably a top five or ten).

I think that’s all. Keep an eye out on future posts.

A. A. Omer

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