What’s Next?


I find that talking about things like “who’s the newest addition to The Mortal Instruments film?” or “what I thought about a particular book?” are fun but talking about issues that affect – writers, readers and those of us who enjoy a film here and a show there – is just as important. So I thought I’d post a list of topics that I plan to discuss in the coming weeks (along with the other fun stuff I mentioned before). I don’t consider myself an expert in anything I’ve posted (unless I say otherwise!). I’m just someone who’s interested in these issues and have done adequate research on them 🙂


  • White-Washing in films, television and even literature! (as brought up by author Cassandra Clare)
  • Women in Comics (Female Villains/Heroes versus their male counter parts)
  • Views on feminism (What it REALLY is, how it’s depicted and how it affects pop culture)
  • Freedom of Speech and the Internet
  • Writing what you want versus for the market (as brought up by Justine Larbalestier)
  • YA and the bad wrap it’s constantly been given
  • Superheroes! From Comics to Fiction
  • Self Published authors versus traditional authors

And as usual, I’ll post some writing tips or tricks that I’ve learned from creative writing classes and the internet. Have a topic you want to discuss (preferably something relating to books/film/television)? Just comment on this post and I’ll do the research and start a conversation.

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