BEA (BookExpo America) Bloggers Conference 2013 Changes

This is just some info for bloggers out there who’ve gone to or would like to go to the BEA Bloggers Conference (BBC) this coming 2013…there will be changes!

I haven’t been to BCC before (just heard of it two months ago) and I’m a relatively new to the whole blogging thing (and I’m pretty sure I’m breaking a lot of unwritten rules…) but the BEA Show Director, Steve Rosato, posted some changes that will make the BCC even better next year

  1. The BBC will form an advisory committee made up exclusively of book bloggers to  oversee the conference content.  We have gotten a number of great suggestions with our  intent of wanting a variety of blogging genres represented from YA, Fiction, Adult, Children’s, etc….  The objective is so the BBC’s content is relevant and valuable for book bloggers.
  2. Any key notes must be blogger-centric – not there was anything wrong with the key notes from this past year, but they could have easily been on a BEA program vs. speaking to bloggers.
  3. Make the registration process simple.  There are so many needs and moving parts, this is actually incredibly hard, but we recognize the registration process and the changes last year we implemented along the way made for a horrible experience and there is no excuse for that – we have to make this simple and easy.

Look for an update in early Fall when we announce the date Reg will be going live and the roster of bloggers that will make up the BBC Advisory Committee.

The Bean

So there you have it. I think it’s a cool idea but, then again, I don’t have past BCC experience to fall back on. I plan on going this up coming year though…hopefully…I am a student so it’s a toss up at this point.

Whoa…got distracted. I’ll stop typing now.

A. A. Omer

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