The Illusive “Process”

As promised, I will post about my writing process…or lack thereof…

Look…it’s complicated. I’m not really sure WHAT my process is. I’ve read many writing books and read the author sites that give you their tips and tricks but nothing has…stuck.

  • I’ve tried creating summaries of what’ll happen in each chapter
  • I’ve tried graphs, lists and diagrams
  • I’ve tried writing out profiles of my characters (but knowing them hasn’t been the issue…)


But as I’m planning everything out, I get…excited/anxious/HYPER WITH CREATIVE ENERGY!

I want to write so bad because I’m SO inspired but then I started writing and end up hitting a road block. I know how my story starts and ends but the middle is…vague to say the least.

*Sighs* I guess I’m a what-no-to-do example, aren’t I?

Gawd, short stories are so much easier. I just have an idea and roll with it.

Mmmmm…maybe I should treat each chapter like a short story. I’ll give it a go and let you know what comes of it. You know, I used to think published writers were trying to wiggle themselves out of answering on what their writing process was like. As though it was a secret recipe or something.

It’s not.

The best way to explain how individualized this process can be is by asking you what your studying style is.

Can you do it in the middle of a cafe? Do you need peace and quiet like what a library offers? Or are you like me and it depends on the subject? Maybe music with lyrics are better than music without? Is your room OUT of the question and do you have a routine you go through before you get started?

Maybe you need to bribe yourself. An example of that would be: For every chapter you read equals an episode of Walking Dead (It helped with my Sociology class…).

Our processes are different in writing as well and searching for the right one is another chore life has thrown us – blah – but, alas, this chore will reap some awesome rewards (ie. a finished manuscript ready for the query stage).

Anyways, writing this manuscript is becoming harder than I thought *screams into pillow*

Until next time,

A. A. Omer

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