Obsessions & Preoccupations #1

So I have many things on my mind or have been obsessing over lately and decided to bash your heads with a club and drag you into my cave (ie. my head). That sounded very violent now that I think about it…


  • I discovered a new blog, Scraps: Iniquitousfish, by Meredith McClaren who is an artist and has a HILARIOUS journal comic that you must read because, well, it’s HILARIOUS. I personally connect with the bottom one the most. I mean who hasn’t…

 – By Meredith McClaren

  • There’s a Kickstarter going on for writer/artist Kelly Thompson for her novel, The Girl Who Would Be King, which is marvelous and deserves some backing/checking out. Her goal of 8, 000 has already been met last I checked but you should still check it out anyways because it’s a great story with two wonderful female leads. You can read a couple of the chapters on her website so CHECK THAT OUT.
  • So I saw two movie trailers that had me both excited and surprised. I, like many of you, have been waiting for Taken 2 after seeing awesomeness that was the first (Oh, Liam…my movie father) and now you can see the trailer! The other trailer I saw was unexpected. It’s a movie based on the James Patterson’s series, Alex Cross, which I had no clue was being turned into a film. I read these books in high school and they were the ones that set me on my path towards taking Criminology as my major. What surprised me more was who they chose to play Alex Cross (who is African-American by the way): Tyler Perry. Normally I would bitch and moan because I wouldn’t think Tyler Perry would be a good choice (more along the lines of Denzel Washington maybe) but after seeing the trailer…I’m sold. He’d make a great Alex Cross and I can’t wait to see it.
  • Comics. They’re always on my mind since I’ve started getting into them when the New 52 was launched through DC and I’ll be getting the new comics from the last month this weekend. The closet comic book store is a 20-30 minute bus ride away and I can’t go every Wednesday so I end up going at the end of every month instead. SO I’M PSYCHED! But speaking of comics…
  • …I’ll be seeing The Amazing Spider Man with one of my best friends this up coming Tuesday evening (Oh Andrew Garfield…*Swoons*)

Those are my current obsessions and preoccupations. I’ll be sure to bombard you with more soon.

Adios (In the spirit of Spain’s win over Portugal yesterday during Euro2012),

A. A. Omer

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