Beliefs versus the Story Needed to Be Told

Hey Guys,

So I’ve recently read an interest blog post by author Angela Scott via Twitter surrounding the question: How do you balance your religious beliefs but stay true to the story you need to write? Being a religious person, I expect that a lot of religious authors have thought of this dilemma at one point or another in their writing career and even if you’re not religious – it’s still an interesting read.

This is an issue I have struggled with for quite some time, but it’s becoming more of an issue for me the closer I get to releasing my next book DESERT RICE.

I’m not a religious fanatic, but I do have a moral compass and “rules” for myself that I try my best to live by. But here’s the thing…I belong to a religious affiliation who have even more rules that I should be living by, and the kinds of stories I find myself writing tend to break a lot of those rules. I’m a good person, but my characters make a lot of mistakes–some pretty big ones. These are the stories that come to me, the voices that whisper in my ear. Personally, I think I would be HORRIBLE at writing religious fiction type books, so knowing that, I don’t even try.

So why does any of this matter? I guess because I worry someone might mistake my stories as my own personal belief system. What I write about rarely matches up to what I believe to be true. Do I believe kids should be having sex at fifteen-years-old? Heck no. Do I believe it’s okay for kids to drink? Never. The list goes on…

You can read more of the post here.

That’s all for today folks,

A. A. Omer

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