You know! The Thingy-Ma-Jiggy…


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to have this issue while writing a story whether short or novel format.I really hope I’m not because then that would mine I’m an unnecessary weirdo which won’t bode well for me.

You know when you’re writing, really getting into the groove of things, and then you stop suddenly because you can’t remember what to call the thing that you can visualize perfectly in your mind.

It’s a simple thing. Something that you’re sure you’ve said or described before using it’s official name but for the life of you it just doesn’t seem to come to mind. Then you start calling it the thingy-ma-jiggy or whatchamacallit and now you’re spending your time NOT writing an awesome story but trying to figure out what the hell that thing is called.

You’re deep in thought and you think you’re coming across as this:


When, to everyone else, you really look like this:


And you try everything possible like asking your family who can’t help you because they have no clue what you’re trying to say. You even try different positions of deep thinking like this:


So you’ve spent way too much time figuring this out and you know you could always come back to it later but now you can’t. You’ve committed to something without really knowing it. You need to find out what its called or it’ll torment you for the rest of the day and then you end up like this:

A catatonic writer.

That’s me right now. So what I’m going to do now is put the laptop away and get something to eat.

Maybe when I come back with a full belly, I’ll be able to describe this blasted thing-a-ma-bob.


A. A. Omer


***UPDATE: It was SLEEVE! The process in which someone unbuttons their sleeve and rolls it up. Wow. Took me an hour to figure that out. This is sad.

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