MOM! I’m working here….

What’s Up,

Today brings up an interesting topic: the relationship writers have with non-writers. More specifically: my mom.

I love my mom. She’s an interesting character and is often the subject of my tweets and any other post on social media because of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth (unintentionally…most of the time). In this post, I will show you a typical conversation I’ve had with her over my writing (which she supports but doesn’t understand the process it entails).

Mom: *Comes home from work* I’m so tired.

Me: Me too.

Mom: You? *Laughs* What did you do all day? Stay home and be lazy?

Me: No. I was writing…

Mom: Writing! Oh God. When will this book ever finish? You write and write…time is ticking you know.

Me: Time is ticking? I’m only 19 and a lot of authors get published for the first time in their 30s and 40s. You’re making it sound like I’ve already lived half of my life away.

Mom: *sighs* Just hurry up so we can make some money…

Me: We?

Mom: Of course. I fed you, clothed you, gave birth to you, gave my youthful figure to you, paid for the expenses you racked up over the 19 years of your life and what have you done for me?

Me: Love you unconditionally?

Mom: Unconditional love doesn’t pay the bills. Now go wash the dishes…

Oh, mom. Besides our different view points on my writing, she still believes I can write a kick ass novel and I love her for that.

Keep on Writing,

A. A. Omer

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