TABITHA…*Grits teeth. Narrows Eyes*


Today is my day off from work and I thought to myself, “Awesome! I can spend the day writing,” and I did. Sort of. The day started out fine until it turned into this:

Me: *Write. Write. Writing.* Is that a butterfly? *Write. Write.*

Tabitha: Ew…what the heck are you writing?

Me: Uhhh…a manuscript/story/thingie…

Tabitha: *Laughs maniacally* No.

Me: No…?

Tabitha: No. It’s starting to sound juvenile and gross. Stop it. Come hither to the television…or twitter.

Me: *Gobsmacked* NO! It is NOT juven- crap. It does look gross…

Tabitha: See? Come and get distracted. You don’t even know how to continue.

Me: I do know how to…*sigh* Nope. Never mind. *watches a video and surfs twitter*

There you have it. Tabitha (my Writer’s Block/Distraction/Internal Critic) has thwarted my efforts in finishing my manuscript once again. This makes me sad.


But I shall write on! (Not on the same manuscript but a new one because this stupid new idea came into my head two days ago and will not stop screaming until I put it on a digital page somewhere.)


A. A. Omer

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