A Hulking Mess


Today I lost my driver’s education booklet. A booklet required to be handed in to my instructor before I can be tested for my G2 driver’s license (I’m 19 and still don’t have a license…I know…). I need to turn my house upside down tomorrow and find it before Thursday which is when I’ll be meeting my instructor. This makes me very upset…


But I always like to look on the bright side of things (most of the time) so I’ll list the things that didn’t suck today:

1. Another really cool story idea!

Yay for me! Boo for the manuscript I’m currently working on that needs my FULL attention.

2. I have The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter to read!

Awesome. Nuff said.

3. I saw the first episode of season two of Teen Wolf…

…and it was awesome. *le sigh*

4. Discovered Pocket Princesses by Cartoonist Amy Mebberson!

These made me smile…A lot.

See? Lots of great stuff happened today. The world can be a fun place without my driving booklet. You know…if you don’t need a car to get to the fun places…

Yup. I’m screwed.

Before I head off to write into the wee hours of the night, I leave you with pocket princess #20.


A. A. Omer

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