My manuscript and other distractions…


So yesterday I decided to clean the mess that was my room but ended up spending the WHOLE day redecorating it as well (I threw out bags upon bags of paper that I was deluded into thinking were important or had some value…in some alternate future). On the plus side, my room looks awesome but unfortunately that meant that I couldn’t write anything for my manuscript (*See ABOUT section for background on that). To top it off, the topic of writing/editing one’s manuscript kept coming up via twitter posts (by awesome authors/aspiring authors that I follow) which made me feel even worse for not being able to write anything. Kind of like this little guy here:


The day did end on a high note, though. I finally got to start Insurgent by Veronica Roth at around 11ish/12 last night and was so engrossed in it that I ended up finishing the entire book at around 4 am. Yes, it was that good. Before I write a review for it, though, I thought I’d post some past reviews for the books I’ve read on my summer reading list thus far. I’ll post the 50 Shades Trilogy by E. L. James (yes, I read it) some time today and the others throughout the week.

Goal of the Day: The plan today is to finish Chapter 2 and maybe even start Chapter 3. If I get to Chapter 3, I have to start planning out Chapter 4 before getting to it. Note to Self: Self, I have to remember to post something about my writing progress at some point. After some writing, I’ll get started on Aimee Carter‘s The Goddess Test and then watch the MTV Movie Awards…only because of the new Dark Knight Rises trailer/sneak peek they’ll be showing.

I leave you now with this Christian Louboutin shoe. Why? Because I had the crazy idea of painting the inside of my closet red to resemble a signature CL look…*sigh*…ignore me.

Image   Image

Till next time,

A. A. Omer

P. S.

Season 2 of Teen Wolf is starting! Oh, Stiles… *Drools*

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