Yay! First Post!

Hello All,

I honestly have nothing to say other than HELLOOOOOO!

This is my first post on this blog and I’m still tweaking a few things.

I guess I can tell you what’s going on today or what happened. Nothing too interesting unfortunately. It’s been raining the entire day and I wore my hipster cowboy boots to work (not just cowboy boots but HIPSTER cowboy boots. I don’t know why but adding hipster makes it sound so much more stylish…you will soon learn that I am not a stylish person in any sense of the word). Whenever I walk through campus, I sound like a horse because of the heels of the boots and the buckles that keep hitting each other with each step, making a clicking noise. A lot of people were disappointed to find out that I was, indeed, just a student and not a stallion (if you’re going to be a horse, it might as well be a stallion).

Yes, I work on campus.

Yes, it’s awesome.

No, it isn’t like Meg Cabot‘s Size 12 Isn’t Fat Series where I work at a dorm and play detective because I don’t work a dorm.

I did play detective once but it was more like trying to find a misplaced package rather than a killer…

Nope, I’m just an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist who makes awesome photocopies…

Okay, I’m off to make this blog look better and feed my angry belly.

I leave you now with Hipster Rogue by artist Nate Bellegarde. Why? No clue. It was some how related to the post.

Till next time.

A. A. Omer

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